Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cute when they're asleep

Let me tell you a little bit about my dear, sweet Alexa today.

During my shower, she got into my alphabet beads and dumped them all over the couch, except for the ones that she put in her mouth. Also, she stole a chocolate from Nik, and apparently used it for a full body skin treatment, so I gave her a bath. She pooped in it.

When I took her out of the bath, she ran down the hall and pulled the hurricane lamp off of the record player. Tiny gravel everywhere.

She pulled half of the books off of the kids shelf.

She emptied half a dozen puzzles and bucket of peg board pegs onto the floor.

During lunch, she tried to eat her piece of pizza by pulling off the toppings, picking up her plate with the pizza on it, tomato sauce exposed, and smooshing the plate into her face.

She is just down for a nap, now.

Sleeeeep, baby. Sleeeep.
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