Friday, April 12, 2013

New beginning

70 posts over four years.  That is what my first, timid foray into blogging accomplished.  Stories of my first two babies.  Stories of the development of "Lisa the mom", and the fading of "Lisa the hopeless neurotic".

Big changes have happened around here.  In September, I quit my paid employment, and our family made the shift to a single income household.  I am baking more, and spending less.  I am truly the primary caregiver for my kids, the keeper of the financial books, the maker of the home.

Tomorrow, I will be 30 years old.  I look forward to celebrating with friends and family, and to beginning my thirties as a new chapter of my life.

With this new chapter, I want to invite you to visit my new blog, 'Life Lived Richly'.  Like 'Swirls and Swings', the name was chosen to reflect the blog's purpose.  I want to step into my next decade with intention, and the blog will chronicle my attempts to live simply, mindfully, and joyfully.  I would be honoured if you followed my journey.

To everyone who has ever commented here, or followed the blog, or been touched by anything I have written, thank you.  Nothing makes me feel less alone than to connect with another soul through words.  Namaste.

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