Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My girl

The hospital called on Sunday night, and offered us a spot in LDRP if we went in for induction right then. We decided to take it, and sweet Alexa was born at 6:42 Monday morning. The labour was fast and furious, but I am proud to say that I birthed her without narcotics. We are home now, and she is nursing and sleeping round the clock. Longer birth story to follow, but I wanted to announce her arrival and share some pics!

Time will tell how Nik will adjust to Alexa's arrival. So far, it is a little overwhelming, and he has been checking in a lot. He is off to preschool this afternoon, which I think will be a good distraction for him.
Thanks for stopping by to see my little sweetheart!


Queen Bee said...

Alexa <3

she is a sweetie, Lisa. congratulations to you and your family! i cannot wait to read the full birth story.

Lina said...

Hi Lisa,

Your daughter is very very cute! Congratulations!


Dani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dani said...

Congratulations, Lisa! Thanks for sending us news / the link.

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